Write in Greece

Creating Word Photos: A Travel Writing Workshop
*Sponsored by Executive Travel and Lincoln writer Dorothy Ramsey

What it is:

A combination writing retreat/workshop/fabulous vacation. Whether writing fiction, memoir, travel essays, or letters home, the workshop will offer inspiration and guidance to generate writing so vivid your notebooks might replace your cameras. Each day we’ll focus on a specific technique that offers innovative ways to capture experience and produce evocative, memorable writing. At the end of each morning workshop we will offer a writing invitation that will lead you into your day to explore the area with new ways of seeing and experiencing the beautiful land of Greece. You’ll come home with more than just memories, you’ll have pages filled with your words, “photos” you’ve written during this once in a lifetime experience.  

Where it is:
Hermoupolis, Greece

When it is:
September 5-13, 2020




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